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Girl Scout Volunteers - We Appreciate You!!

Want to Volunteer??!!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Girl Scouts, please contact
Cross Timbers Council office by email or at for an application.  
We are actively recruiting volunteers to assist us in all areas!

The Answers to New Volunteer Troop Leaders Most Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What does it take to be a Girl Scout Leader?
A. Prospective volunteers must complete a volunteer application, submit three references, and authorize Cross Timbers Council to conduct a criminal background history check.  Troop leaders must become registered members of Girl Scouting and complete Basic Leader and Age Level training.
Q. How much does it cost to become a troop leader?
A. It costs $7.00 per person to become a member of Girl Scouting.  Basic Leader and Age Level Training are $5.00 per course.  Additionally, new troop leaders need a leader's guide for their appropriate age level.  Leader's guides cost between $5 and $10 depending on age level.  Both the cost of the leader's guide and the cost of training can be reimbursed to the leader at a time when the troop is financially sound.  Additional training courses such as First Aid and outdoor skills have varying fees.  Again, these are legitimate troop expenses that may be reimbursed to the troop leader.
Q. How much time does it take to be a Girl Scout leader?
A. It mostly depends on how often the troop decides to meet.  As a general rule, it takes four-five hours per troop meeting.  This average allows for plenty of time to plan, prepare, and purchase any supplies that might be needed.  In addition to troop meetings, leaders sometimes take the troop on special outings, field trips, and overnighters.  In addition to the time spent with girls, leaders or a designated troop adult is asked to attend a leader's meeting monthly.
Q. Do I have to meet with the girls every week?
A. No, the troop should meet often enough to fulfill the needs of the girls, the parents, and the troop leader.  Many troops meet every other week, while some meet twice a month on the first and third Mondays.  Still  many troops are meeting once a month during a larger block of time.  One idea is to meet three times a month and use the fourth week to plan and gather materials for the rest of the month.
Q. How does the troop get money?
A. Troop dues are charged and paid by parents to help fund the activities of the troop.  This could be done as a per meeting fee, once a month, or per semester.  In order to appropriately budget, dues should be paid whether the girl attends all of the meetings or not.  Once paid, dues become the property of the troop and not the individual member.  Troops also participate in council sponsored product sales such as the Girl Scout cookie program.  Finally, if additional money is needed, troops may seek approval and conduct a troop money earning project.  However, troops are encouraged to examine their budget and make plans accordingly.  (As a special note, Daisy Girl Scouts do not handle money or sell cookies.)
Q. Where do I get help?
A. Each troop is required to have two adults registered and present at all troop functions.  The second adult could be another parent, someone they have suggested, perhaps a co-worker or family member.  Troop leaders are strongly encouraged to involve all of the parents in the management of the troop.  Further help can be found from other adult volunteers in the geographic area.  These volunteers are called a service team and they provide help with securing a meeting location, planning troop program, recruitment of additional girls, pairing you up with a trained adult, and much more.  Finally, help can be found at Cross Timbers Council through council level volunteers such as trainers and program coordinators or through council staff members.  Professional staff members are there to provide support and guidance.  If you are unsure who to call, check with the membership specialist assigned to your community.  She can point you in the right direction.

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